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Explore Queretaro for relocation


Thinking of moving to Querétaro? Look no further. We have designed the exploration tour for expats who wish to relocate to Querétaro to live or work. You will tour several neighborhoods and places of interest during this tour. We can further arrange meetings with specialists and consultants if needed. Our tour will help you make a sound decision for your upcoming move.

Querétaro, Mexico, this is where you want to be ...

Mexico was named the best country for expats in a 2022 report from InterNations. Mexico is home to the second-largest economy in Latin America. It ranked second in the personal finance index in the InterNations report.

According to purchasing power parities data available on The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , Mexico's purchasing power parity is 10.04 peso per US dollar, meaning that a dollar should buy what 10 pesos buys. But the current market exchange rate is approximately 20 pesos per USD, meaning that a dollar buys twice as much in Mexico as it does in the US.

The house price-to-income ratio for Mexico is smaller than the ratio for the US. For remote workers who earn a high salary in the US moving to Mexico, they may benefit from the real estate market. The national median home price is 881,000 pesos ($43,761) as of June .


At Artezani Tours we recognize these facts. Therefore, we have designed exploration tour for expats who maybe thinking about moving to Querétaro, Mexico. Following are some of the reasons and facts ...

Why Querétaro ...

  • Querétaro is having exponential growth in international business.
  • Many Asian and European companies have built or are building their Latin American headquarters in Querétaro.
  • Samsung, Nestle and Bombardier are just a few of the big international companies here.
  • The per capita income in Querétaro is just behind Monterrey and Mexico City.
  • Querétaro has a large middle class compared to other cities.
  • The city is growing fast, businesses are moving in or expanding, and it has all the modern conveniences you could want including an airport (QRO).
  • There is also a beautiful historic area where the city just comes alive, and many pueblo magicos (magic towns) nearby for day trips or overnight stays.
  • Growing expat communities
  • Excellent weather conditions
  • Best of all it is affordable and safe.

We can show you around if you are looking into moving to Querétaro for business or to live.


Day 1 - Arrival in Querétaro

You will be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation.
Rest of the day is at your leisure

Day 2 - Touring Historical Center & Cimatario neighborhoods

Centro de Queretaro
We will start our tour with historical city center. Also known as Centro. Centro is an old historical town, with tons of monuments, everything is withing walking distance. No high-rise buildings. Busy night life scene. A great choice of you like this lifestyle.

Street view: Historical center | Cimatario

Day 3 - Touring Centro Sur neighborhoods

Centro Sur Queretaro
South side of the city, Centro Sur is getting lot of attention. New communities are being built. Still reasonable in terms of buying and renting, compared to some other neighborhoods in Querétaro.

Street view: Centro Sur | Info on Centro

Day 4 - Touring Jurica / Juriquilla neighborhoods

Jurica Queretaro
Upper middle class neighborhoods, all time favorite of expats. However, renting or buying can be expensive. Great neighborhoods for families.

Street view: Jurica | Juriquilla

Day 5 - Touring Milenio III / Refugio / Zibata neighborhoods

milenio iii Queretaro
Middle class neighborhoods. Mostly new construction. Great neighborhoods for families.
Street views: Milenio III | Refugio | Zibata

Day 6 - Sightseeing San Miguel de Allende

Sightseeing tour San Miguel de Allende
A bout an hour away from Querétaro. Founded in the 16th century, San Miguel de Allende is known for old world charm and first world amenities. A lively nightlife and abundance of fine restaurants give the mid-sized town a cosmopolitan vibrancy. The center of town is a time capsule of cobblestone streets lined with jewel tone colonial facades and stone colonnades, and overshadowed by La Parroquía, an immense neo-gothic church of pink stone. Most popular among American expats. A place you can't miss.

It's a whole day tour. You will be picked up from your hotel at 8:00am - 6:00pm

Info on San Miguel de Allende

Day 7 - Departing Querétaro

You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to Querétaro airport for your departure.

Price: $1,495.00 Double | Price:$1,795.00 Single USD

Included in thE PRICE

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Transportation
  • Touring of the neighborhoods
  • Bilingual escort / driver
  • Meetings and consulting *

* Meetings and consulting is a side package and cost of this side package is not included in our exploration tour. We will put this together based on your needs. Cost of this package can range $150. to $250. Please let us know who exactly you wish to meet or consult with, and we will take it from there.
Some consultants may charge a fee (for example a meeting with a lawyer).